I love Descript's tools for editing transcriptions, it makes it easy to add punctuation, fix capitalization etc.
And the transcription works fine, EXCEPT for the fact that it misses a word (or two) every 30 seconds or so. This happens in every single video I do, and with similar frequency.
In fact it's so cumbersome to add the missing words, I've resorted to using Premiere Pro's transcription feature, then importing it into Descript using the 'replace transcript' function.
I've attached some screenshots from just a single video that is about 7 minutes long, and these aren't even all of them, just ones after the ~2.5 minute mark.
If I'm not mistaken, Descript uses Google Cloud's transcription function. I've used this in the past, and as I recall, it requires splitting longer sound clips into chunks of shorter length. I suspect the missed words are the result of poorly chosen split-points, but I could be wrong.