Replace Transcript
Descript now allows you to fully replace a transcription for a file that has already been transcribed. Simply right-click on the file in your media library, select Replace > Replace transcription. You can paste in the new transcription into the text dialog.
This is great for users who want to get started editing before their white glove transcription is complete, or receive a pre-written transcription from another third party after-the-fact.
Resume Autoscrolling
Descript now allows you to re-focus the script view back to the moving playhead with a single click, as you navigate around the script during playback.
You can either click the grave accent ` (backtick) during playback, or click the auto-scrolling button at the bottom right of the application image
Minor fixes & improvements in 3.5
  • Auto-leveling notifications moved to the Background activity dialog
  • "Published" tab shows all published pages by default
  • Increased video resolution of published projects to 1080p
  • Descript will no longer auto-capitalize words following an ellipsis (...)
  • Creating Compositions is now optional when transcribing files from the media library
Project Access, Publish and Export features consolidated into the Share menu.
Keyboard Shortcut Updates
Ignore - Cmd + Delete
Overdub (Formerly "Scratch Text") - Cmd + D
Comment Sidebar - Cmd + Option + C
Project Access - Cmd + Shift + A
Publish - Cmd + Shift + P
Export - Cmd + Shift + E
Bug fixes in 3.4
  • While Correcting Text, the caret and text selection color is green, making it more obvious what mode you're in.
  • We changed the keyboard shortcut for "Ignore"
  • Subtitle export: We've improved the grouping of words, making it less likely that you get cards with single "orphan" words.
  • Big performance improvements for those of you working on large Projects simultaneously with collaborators.
  • Fixed the bug that gave the Mac Finder trouble recognizing our exported m4a files.
  • Other misc improvements.
Publishing: sharing snapshots of your content online
* Added a button in the app for managing your Overdub voices, and making it easy to sign up for the beta.
* Now it's easier to keep track
* Scratch Text is now "Overdub"
* Type on a blank line
* Better keyboard shortcut for insertion
* Quick add speaker labels
* Generate as you type.
* Voices are now associated with speaker labels.
* Styles
Live Transcription
Descript now automatically transcribes in realtime as you record your audio.
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