Show / Hide edit boundaries in the Script
Want to work in the Script without seeing all the edit boundaries? Now, you can toggle them on or off from the menu: View > Script > Edit Boundaries
Hold Shift to add Speaker Label to just one paragraph
To edit the Speaker Label on a single paragraph, hold Shift and press Enter, or Shift Click. To cascade the Speaker Label change throughout your script, don't hold Shift.
While holding shift:
Use Spacebar for panning
When working in the Timeline or Sequencer, hold down Spacebar to easily grab and pan.
Bug fixes and UI improvements
Video and volume automation UI improvements and bug fixes.
Insert silence
Ever wanted to add some silence to a track? Now you can!
Right click in the timeline and select Insert silence. One second of silence will automatically be added. To change the duration, simply drag one of the trim handles.
Added Search field to the Projects browser
We've added a search field to the Project browser! Now you can find the Project you're looking for without scrolling. Note: it currently filters based on name only, and isn't a full text search — that's coming later.
New Experimental Media Engine
We've added access to our Experimental Media Engine, which you may want to try switching to if you're experiencing playback / performance issues on a complex Composition (many tracks and/or many edits).
To try it, from the application menu bar, select Help > Debug > Media Engine > Experimental.
This feature is experimental and still has known issues, but you can easily switch back and forth. Known issues will be updated here.
Added support for FLAC files
We now support FLAC files, or Free Lossless Audio Codec file, which is an open source audio compression format.
Performance improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes
We've improved our caching system to improve performance, and fixed a bunch of miscellaneous bugs, including:
  • Printer-friendly invoices
  • Export to Premiere properly maps R and L channels
  • Easier to read menus in the Projects browser
Voice Recording
Record and transcribe one or multiple tracks of voice audio.
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