• Fixed volume slider knob issues
  • Allowed border effect for previous words when using captions
  • Added back the ability to filter captions by speaker
Timeline reflects layer order
: Layer order in the timeline now generally reflects the order of layers in the canvas, and extending layers across scenes preserves their relative layer orders.
The only thing to watch out for is if you have layers that switch order after the first scene they appear in, the timeline might not show the correct order after that first scene.
You can also expect to be able to re-order layers directly from the timeline soon.
Properties panel
: There are a number of changes to the properties panel that should generally make it easier to work with. Some highlights:
  • New sliders
    : We combined sliders and text inputs so you can drag or type in the same field more easily.
  • Font weights
    : The font weight is now a separate section under Text properties instead of being included in the font selection dropdown.
  • Style section for Captions
    : Captions now have a dedicated “Style” section where all customizations can be easily controlled in one place. We have also added the ability to customize borders separately for active and future words, making it easier to selectively add a border to specific text.
  • Live text changes
    : We’ve removed the Live Text property, and added a single dropdown for text contents at the top of the text properties panel. Now, rather than treating live as a property you enable, we expose all the options for text contents you can choose from this dropdown, including Freeform text, Captions and more.
  • Select recent colors
    : The color picker now shows your most recently used colors at the bottom.
  • Cleaner effects toggle
    : Effects now use a new toggle design that’s even clearer about whether the effect is enabled or not.
  • Quicker default effects
    : Studio Sound, Ducking, and Green Screen are default effects available on Script layers. Shadow is available on shape layers. You still need to enable them if you want to use them, but it's a bit faster to turn them on since they're already available.
Other tweaks & optimizations:
  • It’s now easier to resize shapes to your custom dimensions as we no longer retain the aspect ratio by default. Hold Shift to maintain aspect ratio for shapes while resizing.
  • We’ve moved the replace media option that was in the canvas toolbar into the right-click context menu.
  • We’ve added a new filter to search to allow you to “Match whole words” and only see results that exactly match your search term.
  • We’ve updated the style for ignored media to make it easier to tell apart from regular media in the Script.
  • You can now more easily re-order scenes from the timeline by double-clicking on the scene header to select a scene and then dragging it left or right.
  • With multi-cam projects, we’re now smarter about matching the order of sequence tracks to layers in the canvas when you copy-paste a scene layout or apply a template.
  • We've moved the drive selection for the Quick Recorder to the top of the main view, where it is now more visible. Previousy, it was located in the settings.
  • Multi-drive users will now find it easier to select which drive they want to work in when they first log in. Learn more about switching between multiple drives.
  • Fixed an issue in Classic projects that prevented recorded media from being added to the composition alongside the displayed transcript.
Smaller tweaks
  • Adding a slash to create a Scene on a new line now only adds one Scene boundary instead of two. Type two slashes back to back to create an empty Scene.
  • New compositions now remember your layout preferences of Timeline and Scene Rail size.
  • Audio layers no longer get cut off by Scenes when dragged in the Timeline.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting transcript with the Word (.docx) format where highlights resulted in black highlights. Color choices are now respected.
  • You could always disable the Studio Sound audio effect, and now you can remove it.
  • We brought back the ability to copy and paste clips in the Script within the Timeline.
  • Copy and paste works more intuitively when switching in and out of Write mode.
  • Updated the language for adding a file so it’s clearer whether you are inserting it into the Script or adding a new layer.
  • Reordered options in Record to put Display screen above other options.
  • Now showing error messages for project saving issues that, in some cases, did not show error messages before
  • Fixed an issue with error handling when saving projects
  • Improved visibility into sync status, now providing more information on the progress of syncing document changes
  • Enhanced the handling of errors related to saving project changes
  • Fixed an issue where automatic project backups were not getting saved
  • Fixed a bug where projects could experience significant delays in syncing changes to collaborators
  • Fixed missing ‘Add files’ button and non-functional button in project files
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