Version 56 Release
Quality of life improvements: Bug fixes and tweaks, most notably:
  • Made it easier to apply changes from one scene to all scenes that a layer spans. Just head to the … menu on the top right of the property panel with the layer selected and hit “Apply properties to all scenes”.
  • Unmodified quick recordings published to a web link are now processed and ready for playback much faster than before
  • Improved the audio recorder stability in Descript
  • Added the ability to record computer audio on Windows
  • Moved how you enable audio-only multitrack recording. The Recorder previously had a
    button to add and assign additional channels for multitrack recording when in "Audio only". Now, you simply click the Settings icon next to the audio input and enable the "Separate channels" option. Descript will now automatically record all active channels from your audio input device to separate tracks of a Sequence.
  • Fixed some major bugs with animation across scenes and on text layers.
Patch Release 55.1.2
  • Fixed an issue causing recordings to fail on Mac systems where Loopback Driver is not installed
Version 55 Release
Overdub Tool
: You can now re-generate words or phrases using your Overdub AI voices using the new Overdub tool (in the dropdown on the top-left of your script), or by hitting the "d" shortcut to trigger the tool. You can also still hit the Overdub button after selecting a range in the script.
Pinning popovers
: We’ve made it easier to keep popovers (like the media library) open persistently by adding a button on the top-right of pinnable popovers to pin them.
Quality of life improvements
: Lots of bug fixes & improvements, most notably:
  • We’ve fixed some major issues with text corrections over sequences not sticking
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the toolbar in the script sometimes wouldn’t show up
  • The "/" shortcut to add scenes now works on all keyboards
  • Timeline operations now snap to other layers
  • It’s easier to get into a blank new composition by simply clicking on the hint text if you’re not interested in the action buttons
Patch Release 54.1.2
  • Fixed bug: Video exports stalling indefinitely in some cases
  • Fixed bug: Playback not working in compositions that were switched from video to audio-only
Patch Release 54.1.1
  • Fixed a crash in classic projects when selecting / seeking to a bad clip
Version 54 Release
  • Correct Tool:
    You can now select ranges of text
  • Animation:
    Now defaults to 5 seconds long, rather than going until the end of the scene.
  • Audio-only Share page:
    Now centers the transcripts and focuses audio playback controls to a consistent, single-line UI
  • Quality of life improvements:
    Lots of bug fixes & small improvements, most notably scene crossfades should now render without blending in a black frame.
Patch Release 53.1.4
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent text corrections and speaker label changes for certain media assets in some projects-
Patch Release 53.1.3
Bug fix
  • Fixed an issue causing videos to not export with the correct orientation after changing the composition orientation. This issue only affected projects on Free plan drives.
  • Users with outdated versions of Descript are now prompted to upgrade if they attempt to open a project that was created with a newer version of Descript.
Version 53 Release
  • Video timeline dragging
    : The default click and drag behavior in the timeline for video compositions now freely moves the selected layer or clip. Hold
    , or move the layer close to a scene boundary to attach to the entire scene.
  • Move layers in/out of the script
    : You can now quickly and easily move a layer in or out of the script by using the toggle (quotes icon) at the top of the property panel.
  • Add scenes by active speaker out of beta
    : Use this feature from the script actions menu to automatically create scenes at speaker label changes and assign the appropriate multicam angle for that speaker. Only relevant for multi-cam sequences in the script.
  • Quality of life improvements
    : With Storyboard having just launched to everyone, we're heads down on quality of life improvements for this release and in the coming weeks. This release we've added the ability for you to move visuals on the canvas with arrow keys, labels for specific pieces of media metadata in a project's library now indicates whether the metadata is for the original or optimized file and fixed a whole array of bugs.
Patch Release 52.1.1
  • This release contains minor backend improvements.
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