I just downloaded app an hour ago.
Look, you are advertising a lot of cool features on your website. On first launch the app shows a windows with big buttons to test them. I tried Eye Contact demo and it was great! With short video tour. However when I open the app now I have a list of projects instead. When I open my project it is just empty screen. I have video text, video preview, "Scene" sidebar and that's all.
Where are all these cool features now? Do I need to google for every single feature you have to try them?
Try it yourself. Can you open a new project and point your own finger at screen to show me where are all these features? Where are they?
I would be totally satisfied having some top panel with big colorful buttons with pictures. One button for each breaking feature. The same panel as Word or Excel have you know, they developed it like 10 years ago. "Add captions", "Add eye contact" etc...
At some point I will disable this panel of course. However at first test launch a panel should be definitely there.