Version 64 Release

Smaller tweaks
  • Adding a slash to create a Scene on a new line now only adds one Scene boundary instead of two. Type two slashes back to back to create an empty Scene.
  • New compositions now remember your layout preferences of Timeline and Scene Rail size.
  • Audio layers no longer get cut off by Scenes when dragged in the Timeline.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting transcript with the Word (.docx) format where highlights resulted in black highlights. Color choices are now respected.
  • You could always disable the Studio Sound audio effect, and now you can remove it.
  • We brought back the ability to copy and paste clips in the Script within the Timeline.
  • Copy and paste works more intuitively when switching in and out of Write mode.
  • Updated the language for adding a file so it’s clearer whether you are inserting it into the Script or adding a new layer.
  • Reordered options in Record to put Display screen above other options.