Version 63 Release

  • Transcription enhancements
    : We improved transcription at sentence boundaries – you can expect fewer missed words.
  • Multiple audio input recording
    : It’s now easy to add, remove, manage, and label up to 8 concurrent audio input devices for any audio or video recording.
  • Drag and drop to canvas
    : Dragging media files into the canvas now adds to the script on a scene with no script, or adds a new layer if the script already exists. This now matches the behavior you get when dragging files into the script directly.
  • Audio layers in the timeline
    : No longer get cut off by scenes when dragged, unless you snap an audio file to a scene boundary deliberately.
  • Composition audio properties
    : We’ve brought back the ability to adjust audio properties on the entire composition from Classic. Simply click into the composition title and adjust audio properties in the properties panel.
  • Copy to Storyboard
    : We’ve massively increased project size limit when copying classic projects to Storyboard, to the point where we can no longer hit it on even the most extremely large projects we have seen to date. Please let us know if you still can’t use this!
Smaller tweaks
  • We remember the search result you were on if you exit and reopen search.
  • It is no longer possible to upscale videos beyond the composition resolution.
  • The top resolution selection is displayed as ‘Max’ resolution in the Publish and Export modals.
  • The download button on the Publish modal now initiates publishing and will download your video immediately after the publish completes.
  • Users can now change the recording resolution from their camera app’s default settings on Windows.
  • In the Media Library, quote marks now show up in the top left of a file’s thumbnail when it has been transcribed.
  • We removed the Optimize Edit Boundaries feature. Edit boundaries are now good enough by default that this feature didn’t actually improve anything anymore.
  • Troubleshooting export and playback issues: You can now try a “Repair file” option in the media library from the context menu of files with issues.
  • We moved the ‘Disable screen capture kit’ and GPU acceleration recorder settings to Menu > Debug.
  • We’ve updated the error message screen in Descript to include the name of the error and a link to a troubleshooting article.