• Video timeline dragging
    : The default click and drag behavior in the timeline for video compositions now freely moves the selected layer or clip. Hold
    , or move the layer close to a scene boundary to attach to the entire scene.
  • Move layers in/out of the script
    : You can now quickly and easily move a layer in or out of the script by using the toggle (quotes icon) at the top of the property panel.
  • Add scenes by active speaker out of beta
    : Use this feature from the script actions menu to automatically create scenes at speaker label changes and assign the appropriate multicam angle for that speaker. Only relevant for multi-cam sequences in the script.
  • Quality of life improvements
    : With Storyboard having just launched to everyone, we're heads down on quality of life improvements for this release and in the coming weeks. This release we've added the ability for you to move visuals on the canvas with arrow keys, labels for specific pieces of media metadata in a project's library now indicates whether the metadata is for the original or optimized file and fixed a whole array of bugs.