Release Version 93

Descript Labs
Since the launch of Season 6, we’ve seen incredible feedback about the new layout, and we’re confident that the streamlined interface is a major improvement for Descript usability and feature discovery. We want to stay focused on making this version the best it can be, and for this reason we have disabled the Labs toggle that restores the old interface.
If you still have concerns about the update, or feel like you need some more help getting started we have lots of options to get you up to speed:
  • Regular Livestreams with walkthroughs
  • Our Help Center has been updated with full guides for all of the changes
  • Our Community Discord where you can get help from Descript staff and fellow users
  • Our YouTube has also been updated with fresh Season 6 tutorial videos
This concludes all of our experimental feature options within the Labs program for the time being. We’ll let you know when we’ve added new, exciting, pre-release features for you to check out.
Editor updates
There’s only one small change within the Editor itself for version 93:
The “Layout” setting (within the Layer settings menu) has been renamed to “Size and Position” to reduce confusion between it and the concept of Layouts, which refer to elements within Templates. You’ll use the Size and Position interface to do what it says on the label: adjust the size and position of any Layer within your canvas.
Regenerate is out of Beta
Regenerate, our AI-powered tone-fixing, speech enhancing, spoken word replacement tool is officially out of Beta. Seamlessly eliminate any jumpy, abrupt, or awkward parts in their audio recordings, simplifying the process of creating smooth and professional-sounding audio content.
If the Beta tag was giving you pause, or you ran into issues during the Beta, now is the perfect time to give it a try.
Improved multi-select interface in Drive view
We’re making some incremental improvements to the Drive view interface, and with this update we’ve added a new Toolbar that activates when you click the check box next to a project, or select multiple projects.
When a single project is checked, the top bar will change to this display which has controls for: Download, Rename project, Duplicate project, Move project, Copy link to project, and Project access
When you check multiple projects, you’ll be able to use the Move icon to relocate projects in bulk.
Bulk project deletion is still in the works, and we thank you for your patience on that. Data security is a top priority for us, and implementing mass delete in a way that is safe for our users will take just a bit longer.
Plans and Pricing Update
As of July 2nd, 2024, new plan tiers and plan names are going into effect. You can view full details on our Pricing page, but here are the important parts:
  • If you are already on a plan, your features will remain unchanged unless you cancel your subscription or change your plan. These old plans will be referred to as
    plans to keep them separated from the new pricing model.
  • The new plan names are Hobbyist (taking the place of our old Creator Plan,) Creator (taking the place of our old Pro plan,) and a new Business plan which is designed for small to medium teams. It has the highest level of feature support outside of customized Enterprise plans.
  • There are new limits on AI features, storage, file upload and more. These limits are broken down in detail by category on our pricing page. Again, if you are already on a plan, you will keep your existing plan limits. The only exception to that is that the maximum file upload size is now 50GB, even if you are on a Legacy plan.
  • Basic seats: unless you are on a Legacy plan, basic seats are now limited to Business plan users. All other plans can add View members who can View and Comment on projects in the Drive only.
Plan limits
Usage limits on plans is now broken down by feature type. It’s best understood by looking at our pricing table, but we’ll cover how our Underlord features are ranked:
Basic AI Suite
: Underlord actions like Studio Sound, Green Screen, Remove Retakes
  • Hobbyist: 20 uses
  • All higher tier plans: Unlimited uses
Advanced AI Suite
: Eye Contact, and Translate Captions
  • Creator plan and higher only: Unlimited uses
Professional AI Suite
: Translate w/ Correction (upcoming)
  • Business and Enterprise only
For users on Free plans, or newly created Hobbyist and Creator plans, there are new prompts have been added so you can track your use of AI features.
Embedded Video Authentication
For users who embed Descript share pages with Private view settings (aka “Drive access required”) - we now can detect whether the user is logged in to an authorized Descript account with Drive access. If the user playing the embedded video is logged in, the video will play as expected. If they are not logged in, they will be redirected to the main share page and prompted to login first.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing comments from being added to a project
  • Fixed an error "Component cannot be represented by empty string” when using Remove Filler Words
  • Fixed an issue causing comments to be hidden when making long text selections
  • Fixed an issue causing degraded audio after importing a file
  • Fixed a bug causing cursor to jump to the end of a comment box when typing