Release Version 82

Quick Recorder gets a major upgrade on MacOS
The Quick Recorder is an easy-to-access and instant-to-use way to record a thought, send a video message, and generate content on the fly.
Starting today on MacOS (
and coming soon to Windows
) - the Quick Recorder has leveled up.
We have made improvements to:
  • Reliability
    : the recorder will fail less often, and we’ve made improvements to data recovery when recording is interrupted by hardware or software issues.
  • Speed
    : The Quick Recorder now begins uploading your content while you are still recording. When you press Stop, we’ll take you straight to the published share page and playback is available immediately. (There may still be a small delay for Quick Recordings with Studio Sound applied, but support for instant playback on Studio Sounded recordings is coming soon.)
There are two modes:
  • Record and Share
    : Takes you to the Share page with the full video available when you hit Stop.
  • Record and Edit
    : Takes you to a full Project containing the video when you hit Stop.
This also means that we no longer offer a Quick Editor - instead, you can click the Edit button to open a normal Descript project with your Quick Recording.
: In a recent update, we added a Default publishing privacy option to the Settings menu. We recommend choosing a setting due to the new features.
We have noticed a bug that can occur when you publish Privately. The video will flicker until the upload has been completed in our backend. The issue will go away after that and a fix is in the works.
AI Action Updates
  • Find Good Clips is now a lot faster, works more reliably, and you can prompt it with the number of clips, duration per clip, and topic you want it to focus on. If you tried it in the past, now's a great time to give it another shot.
Editor Updates
  • We’ve added the ability to adjust the volume of Gap Clips with Room Tone in Sequences. This will adjust the volume of all Room Tone clips within the Sequence.
  • We’ve cleaned up the Speaker menu by removing the redundant text labeling AI speakers under the Add AI speaker to project header
Sand → Yellow
Rose → Red
Salmon → Orange
Mint → Green
Seaglass → Blue
Violet → Purple
  • Added a Red Dot indicator when a Filter or Sort option is in use within the Media Library.
  • Replacing a file with Studio Sound enabled will now retain your Intensity setting.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing the playhead position to jump when adding Animations
  • Fixed a bug resulting in pasted media appearing as blue Text-To-Speech
  • Fixed an issue resulting in various errors when copying and pasting between Compositions
  • Fixed a bug in which new Scenes are added at the same timestamp as existing scenes
  • Fixed an issue with automatic scrolling on Descript Share page transcripts
  • Fixed an issue resulting in "Failed to apply template: Component does not exist on track” error message when applying a template to a scene
  • Fixed some issues causing a false “No Results” error when using Stock Media search
  • Fixed an issue causing Transcript to appear on Share page embeds even when Show Transcript is disabled
  • Fixed an issue with Speaker Labels not appearing when applied to a blank line before a speaker change
  • Fixed an issue for Enterprise Drive Admins who were unable to move certain projects
A previous version of this changelog mentioned the new Descript Labs feature prematurely. This feature should launch within the next 48 hours.