After a long session of recording, producing, and editing the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to find the best moments to market your content.
Find Good Clips hunts down the juiciest, most concise, and shareable delicacies from your project to streamline the creation of promotional video, YouTube shorts, or anything else for your highlight reel.
Sidestep the hours of manual editing and let the AI spotlight the best moments of your content.
Note: this AI action can take a few minutes, especially on longer scripts.
Just click the Action Bar, Ask AI, and select Find Good Clips:
When the Action is complete, click Select in Script:
And finally, you can Duplicate them to a new composition:
With Find Good Clips creating captivating short clips has never been easier.
Additionally, for a more directed search, you can try
Find when...
to locate specific topics or themes in the project.