Hi Folks, I love what you are trying to do with Descript. You guys are really working hard to develop a whole solution. BUT alas I am a video producer who uses FCP and all I need are transcripts with speaker labels, timecodes - one for each clip. I might have 20-50 clips per project. I was VERY frustrated trying to do this simple thing with the redesigned interface, but I have gotten past the panic phase, but this could be simpler for me:
  1. I would like to load 25 files and order transcripts and compositions for each with one click;
  2. Then I would like to edit the transcripts (I do touch them up a bit and review them in descript as part of my workflow) simply (i.e. click and edit, but I must find the correct menu, click there and then click in the text - awkward flow;
  3. Then I need to export the transcripts so I click on the unintuitive (for me) publish button, then I must click "Export", then click on "audio" to select "transcripts" and then export. I should be able to set this up so it always exports a transcript file so I just need to click ONCE on publish for each of my 20-50 files.
Hope this helps.
Also one last thing. I once used another service that would insert the time stamps when you select part of a clip in the transcripts. So in other words, I select a section of a transcript and paste it into my script in Word and when I do that a time code is inserted at the beginning and end of the selection.